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Paraben free products in Perth hair salon

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Monday, February 03, 2014

It's the nature of the times we live in that words like Paraben free and Sulphate free are becoming as prominent as "organic" in our industry. So often now clients are coming to me with queries related to this subject and if I was to be honest, I've really had no idea what the answers are. And probably I'm still no genius on the subject however a client came to me recently with her own frightening story and hence I now feel a strong urge to tackle this subject.  Read more

And the winner of the best Argan Oil is...........

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Monday, September 09, 2013

Ok so like most hair salon's in Perth and the universe Argan Oil is a hot product and a hot topic. The huge splash Moroccan Oil made in the beauty industry began the avalanche of similar launches from every Tom, Dick and Harry hair product manufacturer in the world and so fierce was the competition it was gloves off as they geared to play dirty.  Read more