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What's Goss at Spoilt

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sooooo i've been a little quiet on the blogging front, have i run out of things to say? Hell no that will never happen, i've just been a splash busy. Busy doing what you say? Well here's what's been happening at Spoilt.

SO, lets start with Christmas. OMG it was freakin crazy as always and for those of you who put up with us running out of chairs and juggling the madness i'd like to say a HUGE thank you. We do endeavour to give you the same quality of service during these busy times but i can admit we do occasionally drop the ball. So thank you times a thousand for your understanding.

Xmas Eve we played dress ups once again. Samie out did herself coming as a human Xmas stocking and i upped the anti as an Elf. This was after a pep talk from the team where i was informed that a "sparkly pair of shorts" wasn't going to cut it this year.

Most of the team have been on leisurely holidays come January. Tanya went to Melbourne, Selina to NZ, Samie to Bali and me nowhere. I was eagerly anticipating my hens party YYYEEEEEEWWWWW! What an awesome night had by all that resulted in the worlds largest headache. For all the juicey details you will have to wait till your next appointment but for those who can't wait i can tell you YES there was some light male entertainment and NO turkey slapping. Here's a sneak peak of how hot i looked.

Miss Kaitlin is back from her relaxing maternity leave in 6 short weeks. And yep i said relaxing. Kaitlin has one of those "placid" babies you hear myths about. It's like a unicorn and she got one. Elliot has been a dream baby, go Kaitlin! Oh and here's some hot goss, we will be sharing Kaitlin with the hair and make up team at Channel 7 now, congrats Kaitlin it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world wanted a piece of "Kaitlin action". I'm super pumped to have Kaitlin in the salon a again restoring order to my chaos.

Lastly its only a few short weeks until i get hitched so watch this space for all the juicy details.


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