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In the age of hot irons, baliage & of course that lovely Australian sun, it’s safe to assume most of us need a treatment for our locks in our shower at all times. 

Now I’m not saying these are the best 3 in the world but they are the best in MY world and given i have the driest, frizziest hair & 15 years hair dressing experience, I’d say my opinion is gold.

So my first two choices are in an equal tie for first place so I like to alternate between the two.

1. Wella SP Luxe Oil mask – In my words; nothing short of freakin amazing. I can’t stress enough the value of leaving this in for the full 5mins. And only 5mins ladies, Sleeping with it in will do you no favours. Your hair is like a sponge & can only absorb so much, leave your treatments in too long you can actually leave the hair soggy which = fragile, which = breakage. After using this treatment your hair will feel soft, silky even look shiny. Too heavy for fine hair so medium to thick only.

In their words; Perfect for damaged and lacklustre hair, Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask combines Jojoba and Almond Oils with iconic Argan Oil to provide the hair with essential antioxidant protection and nourishment through high contents of Fatty Acids and Omegas.

2. Sebastian Penetraitt Masque – In my words – Equally as amazing people and same deal, leaving for the full 5 minutes really is worthwhle. Often treatments for repair such as this don’t leave that nice silky cosmetic feel, this one does. Your hair feels incredibly glossy and silky after and the best part is it will repair nasty chemically treated hair so great for blondes.

Their words; DEEP STRENGTHENING AND REPAIR MASQUE. Stress guard. Repairs and strengthens hair weakened from past chemical treatments and heat damage.

3. Bhave rescue treatment – in my words – Ok now this one i find doesn’t have such a cosmetic glossy feel to it like the previous two but it will repair the most severely damaged hair. So this one is best for those of you who literally have your hair hanging on for dear life and need serious damage control. If you love the silky feel maybe alternate this with one of the two above.

Their words; This in salon treatment boasts revolutionary keratin technology that can penetrate the hair shaft to repair and restore every strand of hair from the inside out, rather than superficially coating the hair surface for a temporary fix. rescue by bhave has been specifically designed to restore, repair and protect hair that has been severely damaged due to chemical and environmental stressors.

What hair treatment do you love?