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On a recent shopping expedition with my sister who, like myself, has a new baby and loves quick & easy styles to keep us out of the frumpy mum zone, i noticed that on this day my sister had really “nailed it”. She was looking awesome without any effort and had inspired my new favourite lazy hairstyle.

Thanks to the hipsters for trending the “effortless cool” urban bohemian look. Not that i’ll be putting myself under the hipster label any time soon but i feel they’ve made hair trends “next level” and totally limitless. Yeah i say things like ‘next level” now, pretty cool huh? My point being we are living in a time where messy styles are in, so for tired mums like me we need to embrace this while it lasts.
So my tips to looking awesome without any effort and my new favourite lazy hair style.
No1 – Dry shampoo. This is for all you oil slicks out there. Get through just one more day without washing by just  spraying into the roots. Also super fabulous for those of you with dirty dark roots coming through, using a light coloured dry shampoo helps to blend in that dark regrowth. We recommend the Rockstar Dry Shampoo which comes in light & dark to suit all hair colours & retails at the bargain price of $16.95.
No2- Add a few curls to that dirty hair. This is my fav move. Just get out your hot iron and put a few random curls amongst the mess, shake them in with your fingers and tadaaaa it looks like it meant to be like that.
No 3 – Roll with the messy look. This ties in with no2. Just add a curl here or there, put a super messy braid in and it’s boho baby. Finger comb it into a pony tail embrace the bump and bubbles, hair spray them in and it will look intentional. Just roll with the messy, embrace it.
No4 – Just wrap the hair around the hair tie. Yep this solves everything. This one tiny little move will get your from nasty to nice in 2 seconds. And once again it will look like you’ve deliberately created a messy look.
No 5 – Soooooo my favourite messy/lazy but hip hairstyle at the moment in which i have done all the above. Here’s how this happens. I wash my hair the night before, let it dry over night, added a few curls in with my Cloud 9 to make it look like i tried to get that look, pulled it half up into a lackey, wrapped the hair around the hair tie, added some spray, boofed it up some more with my fingers and there it was, I looked awesome without any effort.
Whats your favourite lazy hairstyle? How do you look awesome without any effort?