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Well the messy bun is a bit timeless isn’t it? So i thought here’s another very very easy tutorial on how to do a messy bun. Seriously this literally takes a minute. And remember my fav saying when attempting a messy look; “try less”, the more you fuss the harder it becomes. It’s suppose to look messy so don’t try too hard.

Step 1

Tie a ponytail. And for those of you who don’t know what a ponytail looks like, here’s one i prepared earlier :-).

Step 2

Plait your ponytail and tie the end with a small elastic or hair tie.

Step 3

Wrap your plait around the ponytail tie at the roots, pinning it with bobby pins to the scalp as you go as seen here. For those of you who feel confident take the bottom hair tie out as you approach the last bit and tuck the ends into the bun using bobby pins.

DONE! It’s that easy folks.

Some hot tips for spicing up your messy bun:

– You can mess up your plait by loosening it, rubbing it between your hands or teasing it before you plait it and give it a good spray with hair spray. This will give a fuller messier look.

-For a smoother look bun keep your plait neat and start with straightened or smooth glossy hair.

-Messy bun def works best on dirty hair