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Soooo you love your hairdresser and it’s probably a tough call on which you love the most, the actual hairstyle she gives you or the useless bits of gossip & drama she brings to your 2 hourly appointments every 6 weeks. 

If your anything like my clients you never show up to an appointment un prepared. You’ll know i’m going to pounce on you the second you enter my salon. I want to know what boy your seeing, how that last date went, did you make up with your husband, what episode of Vampire Diaries you’re up to and a full review on the episodes you’ve watched so far. I want to know what cool places you’ve eaten at lately, what shopping you’ve done and what stunts your psycho work colleague has pulled since i saw you last. I am unashamed to admit this and i love it. 

HOWEVER………………………. sometimes and thank god its only sometimes, you just don’t feel like talking. Sometimes, your only in it for the haircut. You probably think i haven’t noticed but i have and i get it. We all get in a funk sometimes.


There’s 3 easy steps to getting your hair cut in silence.

No 1:

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Bring a book/magazine. This is the number 1 signal to us hairdressers that you don’t want to talk. Now to make sure your clear in getting the message across you bury yourself in that book the second you walk in & stay there. We’ll get the message. And it’s ok.

No 2: 

Do not engage. You start with the fake smile. You know that one where you just kind of glance, give half a smile and look down & rummage through your bag. That’ll do it. When we come out you guns blazing with our string of questions just answer politely but do not engage. Don’t answer with a question or it’s all over. And just so you know, it’s ok.

No 3

When step 1 and 2 have failed you may just have to tell us to shut up! We’re pretty self absorbed us hairdressers (well i know i am) so sometimes we are a bit slow on the up take. Sometimes you just have to say “sorry if i don’t talk much today, i’ve had a lousy week”. And just so you know…….. it’s ok.