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As Perth bridal hair specialists we thought we might clear up a few commonly asked questions. I may have mentioned this a few times before but we love love love the Perth brides and our team invests a lot of time on education and training on hair up styling hence i feel we truly are experts in hair up-styling. 

Aside from spending years on perfecting our craft to deliver outstanding results in your hair, our team here at Spoilt believe that our service goes far beyond just hair dressing skills. We endeavour to bring a positive and calming energy to your wedding experience and we will guide you and assist you in any way possible to ensure you love every minute of this very special journey.

5 important facts for our Perth brides about Spoilt Hair Retreat: 

1. The cost: So this is probably the biggest question we get asked so let’s get it out of the way. We charge $100 per person for hair & $80 for makeup for in-salon appointments. To come to you it’s  approx $110/pp for hair & $85 for makeup. Which leads me to my next question………

2. Will we come to you? Yep we surely will. However for this we do usually require you to be our first appt of the day 8am or earlier as we are busy little beavers with our other clients in the salon and we do need cater for them also. 

3. Do we offer a trial and if so how much? We encourage trials for our brides and offer a special trial price for the bride only at $60 for hair and $40 for makeup. I always tell my brides that if the hair doesn’t go right at the trial – DON’T FREAK OUT!!! Don’t get your knickers in a twist, this is why we have a trial; to try things your unsure about and guys, sometimes the look you envisaged doesnt quite look the same way on you as it does in the picture. 

4. Will the hair last all day & night? ABSOLUTELY! We have done this a thousand times so we know how to make it hold and if we have any concerns that your chosen style might not last or your hair may not be suited we will tell you and definitely trial the style first to be sure.

5. Time? We allow an hour per person for hair ups and so depending on the time of your ceremony, how many are in your party and how many stylists we bring etc. will determine when we start and how long it will take. These are all questions we will ask you and we are experts at scheduling and ensuring the day runs perfectly so let us do this for you.

Was your wedding hair a success or fail?

What would you have done differently?