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My husband and I recently decided to put our house up for a building award (hubby is a builder FYI). What this meant was the very day before jumping on a plane to Pro Blogger in Brisbane I had to make my home which houses 4 children look like a display home. 

After weeks of scrubbing, organising, cleaning, repairs, paint touch ups & screaming at the kids to put their sh!t away, I finally sat in my beautiful, sterile home awaiting our judgement & I thought to myself “who lives like this?”. Seriously, who? 

So needless to say I was practically gagging to jump on the plane to my first ever Pro Blogger Event. I don’t know why anyone hates flying; movies + headphones + wine = heaven (well played Richard Branson, well played). 

My first thoughts on PB Event 2015; “this is freakin awesome!”. Being a hairdresser I’m used to attending female majority events and I have to say what a delight it was to be surrounded by such friendly woman. With some serious players in the crowd It was beautiful to see everyone treating each other equally whilst generously giving their time & attention to newbies like myself. Thank you ladies. 

RACV Royal Pines, you outdid yourselves. What a spectacular array of food delights, service second to none & you could write the book on organisation 101 (and id buy it). 

After the end of day one I knew 2 things for sure: 

1. I had to make Jadah (simple green smoothies) my best friend immediately. 

2. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. 

At the end of day two I was no closer to making Jadah my bff, in fact I was too much of a chicken to even speak to her but the fog had cleared and all of a sudden there was clarity in where I was headed in life and why! 

I’ve returned home busting at the seems with excitement for the next steps in my blogging journey. I’ve been inspired & educated beyond expectations and I’m delighted to have finally popped my Pro Blogger cherry. 

Dan Norris- your a freaking legend, let’s be friends. 

Jadah – please call me 0409045599. 

Darren Rowse – well done sir……. Well done! 

A big thank you to Pro Blogger for setting me on my new path and for an ocean of inspiration. Watch this space!

See you next year bloggets!