Taming frizz is something our clients ask us about a lot. Getting that smooth and sleek look can be seemingly impossible without spending hours and several products styling. This is why many of our clients ask: is keratin smoothing right for my hair?

Hair straighteners have become a staple in every bathroom for smoothing hair, getting rid of bed hair, or the dreaded ponytail hair kink (yikes!). The problem is the damage that heat styling tools are doing to your hair. Luckily, as hair technology evolves, the new generation of available treatments are much less harsh on hair.

Is Bhave Keratin Treatment like permanent straightening?

This is where keratin smoothing can help. It’s important to understand that the Bhave keratin smoothing treatment we use is NOT a straightening treatment. Unlike other chemical straightening products, Bhave keratin smoothing does not restructure your hair. This means the end result is more natural, manageable and better for your hair.

The Bhave keratin smoothing therapy we use at our Perth salon is heat-activated and washes out gradually, typically lasting 4 to 5 months. This means it does not alter the structure of your hair and instead battles frizz by smoothing out the hair cuticle.

Why Bhave keratin smoothing?

As a small business in Perth, it’s very important to us to support other local businesses like Bhave. They are an iconic Australian brand and do not test on animals. We only use the products we can test drive ourselves – and Bhave ticked all of our boxes. 

Bioactive keratin was originally developed to heal wounds and severe burns. Bhave pairs it with hair keratin, which works on hair by mirroring the damage on your hair’s internal structure and repairing it from the inside out. Bhave source their bioactive keratin from the wool of New Zealand sheep who are clipped in Spring to stay cool. 

How can it help me save time or money?

Getting your hair to look polished, sleek and smooth can be a high maintenance exercise. When you add up the conditioning treatments, serums, hair protection, leave-ins and straighteners, it gets costly on your time and your wallet.

Bhave keratin smoothing offers a solution to make your hair smooth and lush while being relatively low maintenance day-to-day.

What if my hair is extremely frizzy or curly?

Fortunately, Bhave has thought of that by having two different product options for the keratin smoothing process: Bhave Smoothe XT and Bhave Smoothe PLUS. During your consultation, we will discuss the best option for your hair.

Can I still colour?

If you are considering lightening your hair, we would recommend applying it before any keratin smoothing treatment. Especially if you are considering a half head or more of highlights. Bleach will strip out the keratin, and the smoothing process will not work.

If you are thinking about a tint, tone or a semi-permanent colour added – this should be done after you keratin smoothing. Worried about root touch-ups? Don’t stress, as we can do a few scattered highlights or even a root touch up after your keratin smoothing without impacting the results.

Like to know more if a keratin smoothing treatment is right for your hair? Pop into our salon for a free consultation with one of our senior hair stylists.