Is Keratin Smoothing treatment right for my hair?

Taming frizz is something our clients ask us about a lot. Getting that smooth and sleek look can be seemingly impossible without spending hours and several products styling. This is why many of our clients ask: is keratin smoothing right for my hair? Hair straighteners have become a staple in every bathroom for smoothing hair, getting rid of bed hair, or the dreaded ponytail hair kink (yikes!). The problem is the damage that heat styling tools are doing to your hair. Luckily, as hair technology evolves, the new generation of available treatments are much less...

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What is Olaplex treatment and how does it work?

Olaplex is a patented system to help repair damaged hair - but what does it actually mean? We’re going to break it down for you and let you in on the secret of why we’re obsessed with Olaplex treatments - without all the hairdressing jargon. As a Wembley-based hairdresser, we’ve been doing Olaplex treatments for years. Let us tell you why. So, in our hair, we have these things called disulphide bonds - in fact, we have millions of them. When we expose our hair to chemicals like colour and bleach, heat styling and environmental damage like UV rays, these bonds...

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The truth about organic hair colour

Organic hair colour is a hot topic for us in the world of hairdressing! All things “organic” have been trending for quite some time now, but how effective is organic hair colour? Like other eco or green products, we often believe that organic hair products simply don’t work as well as chemically-based products. So, is that true?  Nothing is 100% organic - but O&M hair colour comes close When it comes to hair colour, no product can claim to be 100% organic. This is because some synthetic chemicals are needed to help activate the pH level of your hair so...

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