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Well it’s been around long enough now i figure it’s time to invite some discussion on Olaplex.

For those of you that don’t know Olaplex is relatively new product that has been invented to reduce the damaging effects of hair colouring on the hair. In “Elsa terms”, if you want to bleach the sh!t out of your hair just add Olaplex and you should leave the salon with your hair still attached to your head.

This product has been off  the hook popular and our clients so far are LOVING IT! I am receiving new inquiries almost daily and so many of you asking “does it really make a difference?”.

Being the good team player that i am, i’ve decided to put it to the test. For approx 3 months now i have been bleaching my hair and dying it pink almost every 3 weeks, using Olaplex each time. Usually any dose of bleach makes my hair feel like total crap so i am thrilled with how it’s survived the recent abuse. It certainly doesn’t feel any better to how it did but it doesn’t feel damaged either. I have to confess i have not been using the Step 3 Olaplex home treatment etiher, not once, not at all. For no other reason than i’m too lazy.

What do our clients say about Olaplex? 

MOST of our clients have loved it and now are on their 3rd or 4th colour using Olaplex. Definately the odd client has felt they didn’t notice a change but i don’t believe you would after just one go. It’s not a magic potion, if your hair was suddenly “cured” over night then everyone would use it. Like anything the best results take time.