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Well Perth, we’re pleased to announce Olaplex is finally lining our shelves and we are super excited. For those of you who havent yet heard of this absolutely incredible product, keep calm i’m about to fill you in. 

In non hair dresser terms Olaplex is basically a magic potion that we can add to our colours to limit the amount of damage certain colours can cause the hair. So in Elsa terms; “when you bleach the shit out of your hair, it will be less fried when you add Olaplex to the mixture.” Super great for blondes who need those ends cleaned out & those trying to get their balayage lighter with less damgage to the hair.

Now yes Olaplex is quite magical and nothing short of genius. HOWEVER…….. it is not a magic wand….. it’s actually not. So our rule is, if you wouldn’t bleach your hair before, dont bleach it now just because you can add Olaplex. You can not expect to do a Kim Kardashian transformation and have your hair not to be trashed to some extent. Got it? Good, glad we cleared that up.

Now Olaplex consists of 3 products.

Step1 – Bond Multiplier no1 – this gets added to the colour by a trained expert hairdresser (like me)

Step2 – Bond Perfector no2 – this gets applied after the rinsing but before shampooing at the basin

Step3- Take home hair perfector no 3 – this is part of the professional service which is used at home once a week. It will make a huge difference in the health of the hair. It is a 100ml bottle and although not integral for the Olaplex system to work it will  maintain the work that the Olaplex has done in the service and help with the strength, integrity, softness and shine of the hair until your next visit. 

Now the price of Olaplex:

Salon’s are going gang busters over this product with some charging anywhere from $50-$100 just for the in salon service. This is on top or your colour service price & not including the the take home Hair Perfector no 3 which is retailing at $49.95. 

Spoilt Hair Retreat has a special Olaplex introductory price of $50 which includes all 3 Steps including the take home 100ml Treatment but for seperate cost breakdowns please call the salon on 93837060 or email me at

And as we have only just received Olaplex, we would love to hear of experiences anyone may have had good or bad with Olaplex so far?