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Catchy title right? Intrigued? You want the truth about organic hair colour? Keep reading…..

The truth is……

Organic hair colour is…………..

Freaking Awesome!!

This is a hot topic for us! All things “organic” have been trending for quite some time now and i often feel the knowledge surrounding organic hair colour is a little “hazy”. That being said this is not a post to delve into the science behind our organic range, Zenz Therapy Alternative Colour, i’m not in the mood for that conversation today (yawn). No today i just want to pass on some fabulous feedback from our clients about Zenz.

For some reason people seem to have the assumption that organic hair products don’t work as well as our more generic brands (just so you know if you think this, you are wrong). At Spoilt Hair Retreat we offer both Wella and Zenz Organic & as Wella has been our first choice long before organic became “a thing”, it’s just second nature for us to reach for the Wella colours (which by the way i love also). So i guess we often make the mistake of forgetting about the organic range and offering it to our clients which led me to an interesting conversation with my very gorgeous client and author of blog Loulou Zoo, Kristy Morton. 

You just need to look at Kristy’s blog to see she’s a huge advocate for all things healthy and organic (if only i could take a leaf) and yet i had been doing her hair for almost 10 years, fully aware of Kristy’s lifestyle and not once (until her last visit) had i bothered to suggest our organic colour range. Is that shit service or what? Well never mind in the end i did, and now we do and Kristy is thrilled with the results. So i’d like to encourage you to head on over to her blog and check out what she had to say, straight from the horses mouth and completely unbiased :-).

So i want to know have you used organic hair colour and what was your experience?