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Is it just me or are we all loving the pastel hair colours sick at the moment? They are so sh!t hot and we are having a blast seeing our usual “boring” blondes go nuts and try something new (I can call you boring cos i have pink hair now). 

(me with ma pink hair…. total mad dog)

The beauty of these pastel tones is they wash out quite easily so if you are not wanting something permenant or your in a corporate role, this is for you. 

Imagine your very own personally tailored  take home colour top up that we mix in the salon especially to suit your very own individual colour. 

I give you Evo FABULOSO- 

I’ve spoken about it before but I’ve only really fallen in love with this product recently. 

So, what is FABULOSO? 

1. It’s a colour conditioner – like a colour “rinse” I guess but in a conditioner format. 

2. Chemical free colour top up, enhancer or toner

3. Washes out in 5-10 shampoos, depending on build up/ how long or many times has been applied to the hair 

4. Can make reds redder, chocolates richer, coppers brighter, blondes any tone you like, the sky is the limit. 

Here’s another one of our super sexy clients after a Fabuloso toner over white blonde, super hot right? :

What does it cost?

So glad you asked, this baby retails at $49.95 and you can expect to get anywhere from 4 – 10 applications. 

Where can i get it?

From me, but if you’re not in Perth ask your hairdresser. Feel free to hit me with your questions about this super fab product.