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So recently I’ve been getting tagged on pictures like this :

Honestly let me start by saying if you have split ends and they won’t go away, go and get a freakin haircut. So often i see clients complaining of their hair feeling thin and dry and damaged but they REFUSE to have a decent hair cut. It is 1800-ANNOYING! And a trim will do it, at Spoilt you don’t need to fear this:

I also HAVE to say that if you think super market products and home made hair treatments are as good or better than salon ones; you are lying to yourself, you are in denial and you are trying to justify saving on the expense. If you are ok with living with less than average hair, continue lying to yourself and stop reading. 

One of the biggest misconceptions around hair treatments is that the longer you leave it on the better it will work. WRONG! And here’s why:Your hair is like a sponge, it can only absorb so much. Once it’s full, it’s full. So for the love of god please just stop doing that. 

Now what happens to a sponge if you leave it soaking wet for a long time? It starts to stink and go weirdly mushy right? The same will happen to your hair. If your hair is weak & fragile it is highly likely that if you leave your treatment on for too long it will go soggy and snap.ORIf you put egg or honey or olive oil or all of the above in your hair for too long it will go hard and crunchy ………. AND SNAP! 

So, how long should you leave your treatment on?I am a firm believer that 5 mins does the trick but if you just can’t help yourself then 30Mins max. Just don’t bloody sleep with it in.

The best home-made hair treatments? I have no freakin idea. No doubt there’s many and their “pretty good”, just do your research and DONT LEAVE THEM ON TOO LONG.

The best salon treatments you can use at home : and I am telling you, they will change your life. 

  •  Olaplex- cost approx $50, sensational for blondes and all damaged hair
  •  SP Lux oil masque- AMAZING! Great for hair in desperate need of moisture and repair, will leave your hair feeling soft and silky…. no bullsh!t approx $36
  • Sebastian Penetraitt masque- again dry and damaged, you NEED THIS, approx $38
Got any other split ends tips? I’d love to hear them.